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Dear Grade 6 Families:

Welcome to Senior School ! My name is Tali Weiss  and I am so happy to welcome you to our Grade 6 Hebrew Class. I’m excited to see that so many of your are continuing with your Hebrew studies.   Our curriculum for this year is mainly from the Hineni booklets – the perfect tool for your pre Bar/Bat Mitzvah year.

Students will learn all about Kiddush, the prayer recited Friday night and Shabbat morning over wine. The Kiddush reminds us of the work of creation and the exodus from Egypt.

The students will learn Birchot Hatorah accurately and fluently, as well as chanting them. The students will visit the sanctuary, take the Torah out of the Ark, see the  scroll and gain an understanding Shabbat morning service.

The Haftarah is read/chanted on Shabbat mornings and we will be studing this as well.

Birkat Hamazon – the blessing we say at the end of the meal.

During the year, I will be sharing what we did in class, homework, expectations, achievements and news. Today we schmoozed and talked about Rosh Hashana.

Some important information about Hebrew class – We have only 1 hour a week so it’s  important that the students arrive on time.  It’s also important that they practice their reading at home.  For every unit, I’ll supply copies which will be sent home (to be kept at home).  They have folders which stay in class.

Please feel free to contact me any time, I am looking forward to a prosperous, productive  and a fun year.


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