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By Rabbi John Moscowitz.

Has anyone taken on the American president quite like this? And spoken with such eloquence about our splenetic times?

Watch and listen as Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch speaks on Rosh Hashanah at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in NYC.

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  • Michael Mann

    Perhaps I didn’t listen long enough to hear references to the following, but Donald Trump is just too easy a target. He is a reprehensible human being and a bigot but an even larger threat to Jews is the “progressive” Left. There is not a group on the Left untainted by anti-Semitism — Black Lives Matter, anti-poverty groups, Queers against Israel apartheid, radical feminists, Canada’s Green Party, Canadian Labour, the NDP — with no voice of opposition from within.

    Let’s not become too self-righteous about Donald Trump and lose our sense of survival by ignoring other more serious threats to Israel and to Jews.

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