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Dear President Zimmerman

As I write this note to you, Canadian radio, television and press are continuing to analyze, comment on and rage against the events of last weekend in Charlottesville, including the shocking experiences of your congregation.  I want to share with you this outpouring of support for values our congregation has in common with yours, and to reaffirm that revulsion at those dreadful events is widely felt.  I attach the letter sent to our entire Congregation by our senior rabbi in a special outreach last week.

On behalf of Holy Blossom Temple I would like to add our name to the long list of individuals, congregations and communities who are declaring support for your community.  While we are not walking in your shoes, your moving letter helped us to experience vicariously what we previously thought was unimaginable in North America.  In some small degree, we shared your fear and horror and were moved to tears by the courage of your congregation’s leadership, membership, and those who allied themselves with you.  We stand with you. We hope that this support helps in some way to lighten the burden you bear after last weekend.

As the month of Elul begins this week, we will again hear daily the sound of the shofar.  Let it not only be a call to repentance, but a call to action to all who must daily confront evil in this world.

With heartfelt wishes for a better week for your congregation and the world.

Shavuah tov

Joan Garson, President
Holy Blossom Temple
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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