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Work on Phase One of our wonderful Renewal Project has now noticeably turned from demolition to construction.

The past couple of weeks, the crews have been erecting the structural steel that will soon form the foundation for the new spaces that we are building. We anticipate that this week, the new columns that will support the floor sections will be placed in their spots and then the concrete can be poured for the floors themselves.

Once that work is finished, the exciting job of laying out the rooms will commence and we will be able to gain a sense of how really spectacular it will be.

And remember, you can click here to see the latest photos from the Renewal construction. We post them as regularly as we can.

You can also watch a live feed of Renewal in progress, by clicking here to our 2 live streaming cameras!

And, if you aren’t one of the 2000+ viewers of our recent Construction Tour video, please click here to watch!

As always, we thank you for your continued readership, viewership and support (financial and otherwise) of our Renewal Project at Holy Blossom.

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