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By Cantor Benjamin Maissner.

As we approach the 69th birthday celebration of Israel this coming Tuesday and the sad day of remembrance to over 24.000 fallen soldiers and civilians this coming Monday, I want to share with you our eternal prayer for the Sate of Israel.

“AVINU SH’BASHAMAYIM” our Father in Heaven protect the State of Israel with the beginning of the blossoming of our redemption.

I was honoured to render this version of the prayer in a public concert in the City of Madrid (Spain) this past summer with the Cantors Assembly Mission to Spain, at the Goya Theatre.

We all pray for peace and safety and a triumphant celebration.

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  • Alex Klein

    Cantor Beny,joined the ECA Convention in Prague in 2016 .This was something i was looking forward to .As Convenor of ECA it is my duty to put together these conventions ,have the finest teachers and encourage good practice from those attenting from around the world. Beny sang,gave a lecture joined Naftali Herstik and choir over shabbat and became everyones friend because he is Beny Maisner .Your congregation are very fortunate to have such a mentch and the relationship you have together speaks for itself .One day if you invite me i would love to address you and talk about my experiences of over 45 years of lectures ,concerts and everything to do with music .With very best wishes Alex

  • Frances Hellen

    Beny, I always get choked up when you lead us in the prayer for the State of Israel. Your love for The Land is palpable in this video of your prayer at the Cantors Assembly in Spain.
    Thanks for posting it.

  • Barbara Ostfeld

    Moving and celebratory!

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