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Once again, the Bagel Project was a success!!

Between Sunday and Monday, we made 120 deliveries of Bagel Breakfasts to homes of friends, family and loved ones.  We also delivered bagel breakfasts, toiletries and art supplies to 8 different shelters across the city, to be enjoyed by 300 women and children.

  • Thanks to the teens who made phone calls to take orders, and who spent Saturday night at Temple packing bags for delivery.
  • Thanks to the volunteer drivers who arrived at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning to deliver bagel breakfasts across the city!
  • Thanks to Yitz’s for the Bagels and Cream Cheese!

And of course, thank-you to everyone who ordered a breakfast for a loved one, and to everyone who donated a breakfast to a woman in a shelter.  In addition to feeding so many grateful people, we were also able to raise $$ to help support youth activities here at Holy Blossom Temple.

Money raised will go towards HABSTY programming, and helping to offset tuition to attend NFTY events, conferences and URJ camps and programs.

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