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By Debbie Spiegel.

The Good News is that there are so many opportunities in our Jewish community for ongoing Jewish education learning.

We are blessed in Toronto and the greater GTA to be able to have so much choice. Our options for Jewish education are many, AND, in particular, thanks to a wonderful gift to the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto, Jewish Day School tuition for our community high school has become much more affordable. We are thrilled to share that CHAT will be able to reduce their current tuition from close to $28,000 to $18,500 for the next 5 years. That is an incredible statement to our community. Many families have considered sending their high schoolers to CHAT but found the tuition prohibitive. This allows families to make this a possibility for their teens. We applaud the Jewish Federation of Greater Toronto for their vision in making affordable Jewish education a greater reality for so many.

And that’s not all… Our options continue.

For our younger students we continue to promote viable options. The Leo Baeck Day School is a fantastic option for our Reform community. This school strives to share core Reform Jewish values to our children each day through prayer, Torah learning and even at lunch! What a wonderful way for our children to be with other Jewish children in a safe strongly Jewish atmosphere.

And the list continues……There are other Jewish education options. Our own Youth Education Centre offers a wonderful option for families to continue their children’s Jewish learning at their synagogue home. Our shul offers so much, not only for our students but for the entire family. Sunday mornings at the Youth Education Centre are full of children learning through prayer, stories, arts & crafts, discussions about world events, and so much more. We are thrilled to offer children and often with parents in tow memorable experiences in Jewish life. Youth activities also play a crucial role in the development of our young people that their affinity to their Jewish life experience. Students that have had a fun, engaging Jewish experience will lead them to further those connections beyond their school years. We are fortunate to have a very active youth activities program for children in Grades 3-12. All of these programs are listed on our website regularly. Please continue to scan the website for all of our family friendly and youth activities.


Camp George, a wonderful Muskoka based summer camp, brings Jewish experience to life. There is nothing like a summer camp which gives children the opportunity to waterski, and have a discussion on helping the needy all in the same morning! It is always seem less at camp. It is a part of the natural flow of any given day. Financial assistance is readily available to all families, from Camp and from HBT.

A child’s Jewish educational life can blossom in many different ways. Let’s plan and work together to map out the right path for your child and family. Our rabbis are happy to discuss your unique needs to make the right decisions for your wonderful Jewish family life!

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