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Dear Parents,

This week we had the pleasure of having our Shinshinim stop by and talk about Pesach. We played a game and we discussed our favourite thing about Pesach and the consensus was that they all love looking for the Afikomen.

They played two games, making structures out of cups. The second game was one of skill you had to make two triangles by only removing two pencils and one team was able to talk and the other was not. They all did an amazing job!

We also learned a lot about Pesach and how the Jews were slaves in Egypt and Pharaoh let us go with Moses leading us out of Egypt. We sang the Ma Nishtana with Avishai and they did an amazing job!

Next week, we will be having a fun program where students will be going round robin to different classes with a teacher learning about all the different things we do during Passover.


Daniella Lebow


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