In Grade 6

From Cantor C.:

This week our grade 6 class explored the different themes of Passover. We talked about slavery and the importance of working for freedom. We also read stories of how synagogues (including Holy Blossom!) work towards helping those who are oppressed as we once were in a Egypt.

From Sari:

Yesterday in Grade 6 we did a program exploring modern realities about slavery in relation to the Pesach story. Students were surprised by the amount of slavery that still exists in our world today. We discussed the reasons why  the exodus story is such an important trope in Judaism, why we are so frequently reminded about it in prayer and custom beyond Pesach. Whether it still has a place today? Lots of great comments!

From Tali:

During Hebrew class we learned to chant the last part of the blessings that comes after the Haftarah reading . Attached please find all the blessings again and please have your kids download them to their phones, computers, tablets, etc. as they need to know how to chant them. We also did a word search in a special booklet for Passover about slaves.  This is a good time to wish you all a happy holiday of joy and freedom.





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