In Grade 6, Grade 7

Grade 6

In Hebrew class we did a little bit of everything.  We read the blessings of the Hafftarah and then chanted them. We also learned how to chant the Kidush and will continue our studies.  We’ll review everything we’ve done since the beginning of the year, in order that the students feel more comfortable preparing for their Bar -Bat Mitzvah.

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Grade 7

This week, our grade 7 class wrapped up our unit on the Holocaust. We discussed what lessons we could take away from this atrocity, and explored quotes from Jewish philosophers and survivors that help us to find some meaning in what happened.

In our second hour, our whole school joined together to hear testimony from Joel Mickelson whose mother wrote a book about her experiences as a child in Europe during the Holocaust. He read some excerpts from the book, and the students were able to ask him some questions about her life and experiences. We ended the day with a brief ceremony to honour the memory of the 6 million.

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