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Renewal Project Updates (almost as they happen)

This past couple of weeks have seen dramatic changes to our construction site. Let’s start by heading down to the basement. The excavation of our new lower floor is proceeding well and we should reach the final grade level in the next few weeks. The intricate work of drilling piles for new steel columns is also well underway and as soon as these columns are secured in place, the old beams will be removed.

Now look up! The roof over much of the third floor is gone and the structural steel is positioned and ready for welding. You can truly get a sense of just how complex this project is by clicking here and looking at all the latest construction photos on our website. Also, you can watch our live feed of Renewal in progress, by clicking here for one of our 2 live streaming cameras.

You can see that the sequencing of demolition is critical to the overall success of the job; as one old piece is removed, it must be replaced with a new component before moving on to the next piece, and so on. We anticipate that our contractor, Pomerleau, will be engaged in this delicate work for the next few weeks and will then move on to start building the new, gorgeous Phase 1 spaces that we eagerly await. (Which makes this the perfect time to remind you that the first phase of our Renewal Project includes our beautiful, light-filled central Atrium, Library, Café, Youth Lounge, Family Chapel and other spaces, all in a LEED Silver Certified, environmentally-friendly building.)

As always, we thank you for your continued readership, viewership and support (financial and otherwise) of our Renewal Project at Holy Blossom.

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