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After having served on the Holy Blossom Board for 4 years as a Director and then as Vice-President, and being a lifelong member of the Temple, I am excited to have taken on a new challenge and role as Chair of the Nominating Committee (“NC”), succeeding the respected and able Gary Posen.

As outlined in the Temple Bylaws:
“The Nominating Committee shall select a slate of directors, President and Vice Presidents. In doing so, it should seek out those who can provide leadership for the Congregation. It shall also provide to the Board nominees to fill vacancies that may occur…and assist the Board in appointments to both Board and Departmental Committees.”

The NC, therefore, has a critical responsibility to help identify, and put forward the names of, those who will fill the roles of President, 8 Vice Presidents (Administration, Development, Education, Finance, Jewish Living, Membership, Worship and At Large), as well as 10 additional Board members. Some current members are completing their terms this November, some may change roles and some may step down. Part of our job is to confirm who will be continuing in their roles, as well as to identify excellent candidates for vacancies that will exist. It is exciting to help find Temple leaders who will help to preserve the past, continue the current momentum and positive vibe, and build an exciting future. It is critical to have different constituencies of the Temple represented in such an important leadership group, including consideration of such factors as age, experience, gender, skills, Temple involvement, etc.

I am delighted to be joined in this important work by a group of excellent NC team members who themselves bring diverse attributes to our Committee, including returning NC members Neil Blonder, Nadine Charendoff, Carol Crystal, Michael Davis, Jordana Lipson and Peter Weinwurm and new Committee members Janice Babins, Diana Goodman, Brian Lidsky, Angie Shiffman, Rob Sniderman and Lisa Taylor. While we are very pleased with the mix of members of the NC, we would be happy to have conversations with congregants who are interested in joining our Committee, whether now or in the future.

Please know that we would welcome and value Temple members putting their names, or those of others, forward for consideration as Board Member nominees. It would be a nice problem to have too many names, but we will ensure that all interested congregants, if not ultimately part of the Board, are referred to committees and other groups that interest them and could most certainly benefit from their skills and passion!

Over the next few months, we will be identifying vacancies, reviewing applications, meeting candidates and, ultimately, advising the Board of a slate of nominees, (hopefully by the end of June) to fill the vacant positions. The slate then is proposed to the membership at November’s Annual General Meeting. We hope for, and look forward to, the involvement of our Congregation in this important process. Thanks in advance for your participation!

Best wishes and Happy Passover!

Rick Howard
Chair, Nominating Committee

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