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Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make Purim happen!

Your effort brought such joy to around 500 Holy Blossom members this year!

  • Festivals Chairs: Karen Abells and Alana Steen
  • Adult Purim Volunteers: Katheryn Moore, Kathy Morrisey, Maria and Michael Kolonimsky
  • Adult Purim Band: Adam Sol, Shelley Miller, Jonno, Rob Herman, Avishai Sol
  • Adult Variety Show Planning Group: Gillian Helfield, Denise Gordon
  • Adult Purim Stage Manager: Pnina Morgulese
  • Family Purim Chair: Angie Shiffman
  • Purim Shpiel Committee: Yotam Dor and Brent Martin
  • Family Purim Volunteers: Will Klein, Adrienne Klein, Mary Lynn Rusak, Elana Fehler, Noami, Rafael, Zoey Wallhouse, Adam Arbess, Lilah Petersiel, Jill Farber, Rafael Rudnicki, Lauren Breslin, Nicole Naimer, Adam Grunberg, Noah Arbess, Ruby Farber, Claudio Rudnicki, Jack Naimer, Naomi Litwack-Lang, Rafael Spier, Rob and Hannah Eisenberg

and to everyone else who chipped in…


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