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At the ECC we teach the children about Jewish customs, values, holidays and traditions.  It’s wonderful to see the children so engaged in learning!  After spending a month focused on Purim (learning the story of Esther, making graggers and Haman hats, building their own palaces of Shushan and baking delicious hamentaschen), the learning experience culminated last Friday with a Purim Shpiel and Carnival.

With all of the children dressed in their favourite costumes (there were many princesses and Spidermen!), we all gathered in the Youth Chapel and the teachers put on quite a shpiel!  The children were wildly entertained to see Joanne as King Achashverosh, Gail as Uncle Mordechai, Shelley as Haman and the rest of the teaching staff play pretty ladies in the King’s court and clowns.  Debbi was an amazing narrator and Barb resumed her annual role (one she has been playing for over 20 years) as the King’s finest horse.

As a child in Hebrew school, I never got to be Queen Esther and I can admit that I was jealous the year my brother was selected to play the king.  So I was thrilled to wear a princess dress and don a crown as Queen Esther in our ECC Shpiel!

Following the shpiel, the children had the opportunity to play games, make crafts and eat lots of treats.  After a very exciting morning, the children took their mishloach manot home and likely shared many fun stories about their day with their families.

It is our hope that these experiences provide years of warm memories for the children (as they do for us) and will instill in them a lifelong love for and pride in their Jewish traditions.

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