In Grade 6

This week the grade 6 class started to learn about the Spanish Inquisition. We learned about how the Golden Age was a great time for Jews in Spain until the Inquisition, when Jews were forced to covert, hide, or flee. We have begun reading The Cardinal’s Snuffbox, a choose-your-own-adventure book to explore the different paths that Jews took during this time.

Cantor C.

Sari’s Hebrew Class

Substituting for Sari was a blessing for me. We had some very enthusiastic and enlightening discussions about Jewish judgement.  Is OK to cheat? What if you cheat and don’t get caught, is that OK?   There were differing opinions but the prevailing thought that the class concluded was that it’s not OK to cheat!  I’m very proud of our students! 


Tali’s Hebrew Class:

In Hebrew class we talked a bit about Purim and the story behind it and we also started the first blessing out of four that come after reading the Hafftarah.  I’m sending 2 audio files separately, of the blessings.  As always, it is important for our students to practice, in preparation for their Bar Bat Mitzvah.

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