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By Cantor Benjamin Maissner.

In our travelling down here, on the other side of the world, we made sure to visit and explore existing synagogues and Jewish communities.

Surprising there is a synagogue in Hobart Tasmania.

This is the oldest synagogue in Australia built and founded by two brothers in the early 1800. There are less then 100 Jews here in Hobart.

We drove by, the read the inscription: “Shabbat Orthodox services”, and we were sad to realize how lonely this synagogue appears to stand – as a reminder of a distant past.

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  • Jeff

    The Synagogue was consecrated in 1845. It was not founded by two brothers, though the man who donated land for the synagogue came out here as convicts with his brother. Next time you can join us for a service or book a tour and hopefully we’ll seem less lonely

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