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By Pamela Cappe Hamovitch.

On June 30th 2016, I officially ‘stepped’ down from my role as Director of the Early Childhood Centre after 17 years or 22 years from the time I was first hired to teach in 1994.

The very next day, July 1st 2016 I ‘stepped’ into my first month of retirement with no longer any formal routine wondering what to do and if in fact I had made the right decision. I couldn’t even imagine that I was about to face my very first September ever, without any ‘back to school’ jitters.

Early in August I read a job posting in ‘Life at Holy Blossom’. I ‘stepped’ away from my computer but kept returning to it as I was sure that the job was calling my name! Yes, I was barely one month into retirement when I contacted Judy Amsterdam and relayed to her that “strange as it may sound, I really am interested in ‘stepping’ into this part time position.”

And so, in mid-August, I ‘stepped’ back into HBT, ready to begin and learn all I could about what goes on in the rabbinical department. I have been so enjoying my time every Tuesday and Wednesday morning and am grateful for the opportunity to utilize my administrative and communication skills!

For many years as Teacher and Director of the Early Childhood Centre, I welcomed hundreds of grandparents and great – grandparents to the school to celebrate holidays, intergenerational events or to join us for our many Tot Shabbat evenings. I was always wondering if a day would come when I would accompany a grandchild of my own to a school – let alone to one at HBT.

I could not even begin to imagine that my dreams over those many years was coming to fruition. Last September, I not only had a new job title but was even more excited about my newest role: “Designated Pick up Person – a.k.a. Bubby.”

What a delight it has been to see this dream realized. From Judah’s first tears as he ‘stepped’ into Kita Aleph…to his Chanukah concert and last week to a morning together in the classroom celebrating Purim – I cannot adequately express my feelings of joy and wonderment. Leading a Purim circle, setting up a craft, having snack with the class and then pulling my grandson in a wagon on the playground, was also another reminder of how quickly time does pass. While it all felt just so very familiar and easy to ‘step’ back into a classroom, I was still struck by the fact that I was actually at HBT as a ‘Bubby’. How did this happen? His mommy Rebecca had not even had her Bat Mitzvah when I first came to teach at HBT!! I know that what is important is not so much that I have arrived at this place at this time, but that I have so enjoyed each ‘step’ along the way.

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  • Brenda Baskind

    How wonderful to see Pam around the school and enjoying her darling grandson along with all of us.
    It makes us all feel the sense of continuity and joy!!
    As a grand parent myself I know the joy and the fun she is having.Good for her! We were lucky to have her for the years that she was there with us, and now we have her in a different way which is just as great!! Thank you Pam!

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