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By Rabbi John Moscowitz.

Donald Trump is a cowboy – and that’s only the beginning. He’s dangerous, impetuous and plays by his own rules. He surrounds himself with Stalinists, henchmen expert at creating “shock events” – rulings so outrageous as to cause chaos and division, all the while distracting the public from what’s going down in private.

Normality and stability, the honoring of the rule of law and the upholding of civic norms – its all grown worse surprisingly quickly. Too many Republican leaders rationalize Trump’s behaviors, while the Democratic bigwigs posture weakly.

Where did the grown-ups go?

And, so far, I’m only talking about domestic American matters.

What Trump will do on the Foreign Policy front might prove even more unpredictable and consequential.

The problem is that we just don’t know what Donald Trump will do. Maybe he himself knows and maybe he doesn’t. But his political henchmen, his side-boys in this rodeo, surely do – and they’re more worrisome than Trump.

Not unrelated: I hope the Israeli leaders, Bibi and whomever else, don’t fall for his love. The stakes are high and the costs steep.

I suppose it’s clear what I think. More important, it’s worth the extra minutes to know what seriously smart and essentially non-partisan observers now say.

First, read David Frum (as astute an observer as we have) here. Then read Tom Gross (who, while highly critical of Donald Trump, reminds us of the larger circle of responsibility) here.

Then pray. Then, whether in Canada or the U.S., keep your eyes wide open – and support better leaders the next time around. Then pray again and do good things for others in need.

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