In Grade 1

Dear Parents,

This week we learned two new Hebrew letters, Ayin and Pay. Our Hebrew words were Oogah (cake) and Parpar (butterfly). We were so lucky today that since we were learning about cake we might as well eat some too! The class spoke about how the cake tasted and how it felt and what it looked like. They devoured the cake and said it was delicious and it felt spongy. The other word we learned was Parpar and we spoke about how a caterpillar turns into a gorgeous butterfly. In addition, we began learning about Purim and read a story about Purim that taught us that Queen Esther saved the Jewish people from Haman. Our green vegetable is still slowly growing, but hopefully soon we will see it grow! This Shabbat is Tu B’Shevat on February 11th so remember to do something for our trees.

Next week we will continue to learn the Aleph-Bet with two Hebrew letters Tsadee and Koof. The Hebrew words that we will be learning are Tzedakah and Keshet (rainbow). We will continue to learn about the Purim story and identifying the Megillah, Hamantashen, and Raashan (grogger). We will also be doing Mishloach Manot a gift basket that we will be giving to our friends in class. Please bring one small juice, a healthy snack (apple), and a nut free bar in a see through bag to give to a friend.  If you could also remember to bring Tzedakah each week that would be great!


Daniella Lebow

Grade 1 Teacher

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