Dear JK Parents,

 Today we started to learn about Purim. We read the Purim story, talked about the main characters,  and made masks. They all look fabulous! Next week, we’ll be continuing to learn about Purim customs and making noisemakers.

I just wanted to give a quick reminder about services. Now that the JK students know the prayers, we are joining with the whole school for services. While I do not expect the JKs to be able to completely follow along with the service at this time, I do expect them to understand that prayer is important to many people and that it should be treated with respect. This means participating to the best of their ability, sitting quietly if they do not know the prayers, and standing properly when others are standing. I ask that you please help me to remind your children of these expectations so that both they and the rest of the school can get the most out of services.

 Thanks so much, and I look forward to another great week!


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