In Grade 5

Shalom Everyone.

The grad 5 students had a wonderful time on Sunday!   It is the beginning of the month of Adar, which means we are happier.

It was mostly a Hebrew class and we learned so much.  We used Bible as a reference and found out that “Megilat Ester” – is one of five Megilot.   We found it in the third part of the Bible -writings -Ketoovim. We talked about the four Mitzvot of Purim and recited the blessings before reading the Megilah.  As we read the beginning of the Megilah, and told the story of Purim, we also talked about the miracles bless the Jewish people throughout history, up to and including today.  It was very interesting and enriching.  We learned new words in Hebrew related to Purim and sang a song.  We also read and completed the work on “Ho’daah” as well and talked about what we are thankful for.

I’d like to invite all parents on to Holy Blossom on Sunday April 2nd for a shared study about the prophets. As you know we have a service at 10.00 and I invite you to attend that and then right after that,  would love to have you in our class and study with us.  I will email you all a private invitation.

Keep warm,


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