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Dear Parents,

This week we learned two new Hebrew letters, Tsadee and Koof. Our Hebrew words were Tsedakah and Keshet (rainbow). In the story of Noah’s ark once the rain had stopped there was a rainbow. Every week we bring Tsedakah because it’s a mitzvah to give to those who are in need and not as fortunate as us. We talk about mitzvot every week and put a marble into our mitzvah jar for all the mitzvot we did during the week. The class did an amazing job bringing Mishloach Manot and we were all able to exchange with our classmates. We also read another book about the Purim story and learned that Haman was a bad man that wanted to harm the Jewish people. Lastly, we learned and identified a Hamantashen, Raashan (grogger), and the Megillah. The Hamantashen we eat and is in the shape of Haman’s hat. We use the Raashan when we hear Haman’s name and we read the Purim story from the Megillah.

Next week is family day weekend and we will not be having class.  School with resume on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 9:30am. When we come back to school we will be learning about the Hebrew letter Resh. The Hebrew word we will be learning is Rimonim, which are the silver bells on top of the Torah that makes it look lovely. We will continue to learn about the Purim story and identifying the Megillah, Hamantashen, and Raashan (grogger). In addition, we will be having Shinshinim join our class. If you could also remember to bring Tsedakah each week that would be great!


Daniella Lebow

Grade 1 Teacher

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