In Grade 5

Shalom everyone:

We concluded the study of Deborah the prophet, by presenting our own songs and by reading the original song from the Bible.  It was a lot fun and the kids did a great job.  I’ll try to get them uploaded for your enjoyment.

As we were  finding our ways in the Bible,  we were looking up 2 sentences that have to do with Tu B’shvat which we celebrated on Saturday.

In Hebrew class we continued with Ho’daah – Thanksgiving, the next to last blessing of the Amidah. We thank God for our many blessings. We were reading it together and tried to understand words and roots that repeat in many of the blessings.  I am so proud of the students.  They are working really hard.

As usual, I sent home a copy of the blessing for them to practice.

Keep safe and warm!



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