Sunday February 26 – Alexandra

Dear JK Parents, We had a great day learning about some of the Passover traditions. We started to learn the Four Questions and made paper Seder plates. We talked about the five foods on the Seder [...]

Sunday February 26 – Jaclyn & Rebekah

Dear Grade 2 Parents, In today’s class, we learned about the upcoming holiday, Purim. We learned about the Book of Esther found in the Megillah, and watched a short film on the story of Purim. We [...]

Sunday February 26 – Daniella

Dear Parents, This week we learned the Hebrew letter, Resh. Our Hebrew word was Rimonim. which are the silver bells on top of the Torah and make it look great! We had the pleasure to have our [...]

Sunday February 26 – Sandra

Dear Grade 4 Parents:   We had a great time reviewing the Purim story!   We played Purim Jeopardy and we talked about the mitzvot for this happy holiday. The primary mitzvah is to be happy! As we [...]

Sunday February 26 – Daniel

Dear Parents: This week in Grade 3, we learned about bravery in the Purim story in a bit of an unconventional way.  We began the class by reading the story ” Brave Girl: Clara and the [...]

Sunday February 26 – Tali

Shalom Everyone. The grad 5 students had a wonderful time on Sunday!   It is the beginning of the month of Adar, which means we are happier. It was mostly a Hebrew class and we learned so much.  [...]

Sunday February 26 – Carly

Dear SK Parents: This week we continued learning about Purim. We started the day with a class discussion about why we dress up and what we’re all going wear.  There were some very inventive [...]

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