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Dear Parents,

This week we learned two new Hebrew letters, Nun and Sameach. Our Hebrew words were Ner Tamid, which means a light that is always lit and Sukkah. We were so lucky to have Shinishim come into our class today and learned about Israel. The shinishinim had us watch a video about Israel and then the class shared about what it meant to us. Then we looked at different pictures from Israel and shared which picture meant the most to us. In honour of Tu B’Shevat on February 11th we learned the bracha (blessing) for fruit borei pri ha’etz and ate some apples. In addition, we learned how to plant and planted our very own green vegetable that we will remember each week to water to watch it grow. Stay tuned for the results!

Next week we will continue to learn the Aleph-Bet with two Hebrew letters Ayin and Pay. The Hebrew words that we will be learning are Oogah (cake) and Parpar (butterfly). We will also begin learning about the Purim story and identifying the Megillah, Hamentashaen, and Raashan (greggor). If you could also remember to bring Tzedakah each week I would really appreciate it.


Daniella Lebow

Grade 1 Teacher


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