In Grade 1

Dear Parents,

This week we learned two new Hebrew letters Lamed and Mem. Our new words were Lulav and Matzah. We learned that on Sukkot we shake a Lulav and that on Passover we eat Matzah. The students all tried some Matzah and said it was like a cracker. We also finished making our mitzvah tree and then made our own family trees.

Next week we will be learning about the Hebrew letters Nun and Sameach. We will be learning the word Ner Tamid (a light that’s always lit) and Sukkah. We are going to learn the blessing over fruit, which is boreh pri ha’eitz. We will also be finishing up our lesson on Tu B’Shevat.

In addition, if I could ask you to stay at school next week to help bake for Out of the Cold we would really appreciate it.


  Daniella Lebow


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