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Shalom everyone and welcome back!

The second term is already off to a great start after a wonderful term in both Hebrew and Religious school with a very special group of students.

Our class accomplished so much last term. We did a lot of group work last semester and it was a pleasure watching the kids work together. Our curriculum covered a few prophets like Samuel, Hosea, Ezekiel, Joshua and now Deborah. We tried to understand the way they were thinking and operating; their devotion to God and how, though they were so successful, they were still humble and never forgot to state their faith and thanks to God. The students compared some of them, interviewed each other as if they were prophets and tried to think how they would behave today. We learned that the prophets spoke out whenever the children of Israel behaved in a way that failed to live up to God’s expectations.  We all tried to take that role.  From our studies we learned that if we see injustices in our world, it is our responsibility as Jews and as humans beings to take action and try to make it a better place.

This term, we have started our study of Deborah, who was a prophet and a judge.  One of five woman prophets. We learned some “Midrashim” – stories about her and we will continue learning about her.

We have been trying very hard to participate in our weekly services and I am so proud of the students showing their confidence in following the service, helping the younger kids, and many times are participating as leaders.

In Hebrew class we started the prayer Ke’dusha  just before the break and went right back to it on Sunday.  Our time in Hebrew class is limited and therefore practicing at home is crucial.  I’m focusing on the students who most need support and ask that you remind your kids to practice at home.  I am sending the link to Behrman house again.  This is a great, free, easy to navigate resource to help the students with their reading:

It is an excellent tool to learn, review and catch up with the class. Enter the site ‘practice prayer’, click on the tool bar – learn, choose from the drop menu Hebrew, click on @home, click on Hinneni 2 (Red) and choose the prayer you want. Musical notes located by the prayer signify that you can listen to the singing of the prayer. Everyone in the class also has a photocopy of each prayer in their binders.

Looking forward to another great term

Tali Weiss

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