In Grade 1

Dear Parents,

This week we learned two new letters Yud and Caf. We counted all the students in our class and learned the Hebrew word Yeladim (children). There a few students that have pets in our class and I asked that because our new Hebrew word was Kelev (dog). In addition, we learned about Tu B’Shevat and how it’s the New Year for the trees in Israel. We also discussed as a class, how we can take care of our environment. Some of the ideas were to not cut down trees and not to litter.  We all made a mitzvah tree and some of the students made the trunk of the tree, the branches, and the leaves.

Next week, we will continue to learn about Tu B’Shevat. We will be learning the Hebrew letters Lamed and Mem. The Hebrew words we will be learning are Lulav and Matzah.


Daniella Lebow



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