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“Whether or not America is great is a matter of opinion. Whether or not America needs to be great, is a matter of opinion. But whether or not America is in pain today is a matter of fact.”

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  • Michaele-Sue Goldblatt

    Rabbi, I just listened to your sermon from last Shabbat. You comforted me with your words and helped me, also, to understand Rabbi Hier’s decision to speak at the Inauguration the day before. I had struggled with his participation, feeling that he certainly was not representing me or many other Jews.

    I believe we now have a Haman among us; not to hurt the Jews in particular, but that his actions will hurt so many throughout the United States and the rest of the world also. I can only hope and pray that the values and actions of the many good men and women in the USA and elsewhere will diminish Haman’s power and that they will speak up and take action.

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