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By Cantor Beny Maissner.

The Haunting Voice of the Jewish Cello” with renown cellist, Daniel Domb, and his wife, Carey, accompanying him on guitar was just the perfect mood for a Shabbat Evening Havdalah service. Lushes sounds from the depth of the cello combined with the virtuosity of the highly skillful technique that pleased the audience and lifted our souls. We were elevated to different levels of spirituality with each selection. Even Paganini’s complicated technique or Hungarian dancers sounded and became Jewish for this evening’s performance. A Yiddishe Mameh and Ladino selections played with conviction and passion left everyone on a high.

A sample of a work in progress, a recording project of our Friday night musical repertoire was so well received as members of the congregation in the audience joined in song and with deep feeling for the familiar presentation.

How lucky we are to be able to bring the best of Jewish music to our people and beyond.

Enjoy the few musical measures of an intimate evening.

Don’t forget our next concert!

Shabbat Shira with “The Minor Prophets”

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  • Gerry Prendergast

    I attended the wonderful and intimate concert with Daniel and Carey Domb on Saturday evening. It was an evening of beautiful music. The cello is my favorite instrument and can indeed touch the soul if played as beautifully as Daniel played on Saturday.He is a brilliant musician and is totally connected to his cello and the sounds it produces .He is a very humble man and was genuinely very happy and pleased to be playing for his audience . I looked around many times and everyone was so attentive to his playing and the wonderful sound of the cello.His beautiful and very elegant wife played guitar with such ease and her sincere explanations and stories behind the pieces were very interesting Together they seem united in their connection to each other and the music they make together . The audience sang along and enjoyed every moment. Beny gave a short “teasing” performance of the cd. he is making with Daniel and Carey and it was mesmerizing and I for one cannot wait to hear the entire collection .
    Beny thank-you for bringing such a lovely evening to our community and for helping our souls soar and for the feeling of peace from the beautiful music at this concert and the music you bring to us year in year out
    Feeling very blessed .

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