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By Rabbi Jordan Helfman.

L’dor Vador – So much of Judaism is about passing the traditions we have learned or adopted on to the next generation so they can love them and cherish them as their own.

In one of Rabbi Eugene Borowitz’s last books A Touch of the Sacred (2007), he writes about a Bat/Bar Mitzvah custom he has seen in many congregations:

I have been touched by a “modern” custom.  Before the Torah is paraded around the sanctuary, the scroll is physically passed down from generation to generation, from the oldest members of the immediate family to one of the parents of the celebrant and then to the child.  It seems logical to create an act that makes plain what the morning is all about, namely the passing on of the Jewish tradition to the next generation.  The act gives visual testimony not only to the child but also to the family and the congregation assembled with them, emphasizing the meaning behind this celebrative day. (pgs. 58-59)

We hope that our children will find meaning and purpose in Judaism beyond continuity.  One way to help them find the meaning and purpose in their Judaism is, from a young age, to introduce them to joy and friendship with a little bit of learning inside of our sacred community.

This is why we are introducing our new Intergenerational Services.  The service is truly for the whole family, led in part by David Gershon of Judy & David, and with age-specific activities for kids during the Torah service and sermon.  We know that the service will be a great way to spend a Saturday morning with grandchildren or great grandchildren.  Some parents may join – others may enjoy the time for Oneg (joy) and Menucha (rest) while the grandparents take the kids for the trifecta of Oneg, Menucha and Kedusha (holiness) on Shabbat.

Come join us as we create this new tradition at Holy Blossom Temple, on the third Saturday of every month during the school year at 10:30 a.m.

If you have any questions about the service, please just ask!  Looking forward to seeing you there!

NEW! Intergenerational Shabbat Service

All are welcome! …and a special invitation goes out to Grandparents and their Families!

The third Saturday of every month in Holy Blossom Temple’s Youth Chapel at 10:30am
(Jan 21, Feb 18, March 18, April 15, May 20)

L’dor va’dor – from generation to generation. Once a month, our whole congregation is invited to sing and pray together in the Youth Chapel to celebrate Shabbat.  This service in an opportunity for extra-special family time on Shabbat morning with the joyful leadership of David Gershon, together with our Rabbis and Cantors.

Midway through the service, kids and their grandparents are invited to nearby classrooms for storytelling, snacks, and creative learning games. Parents are welcome to stay in the Chapel for some adult  learning or come along to the intergenerational program. A light Kiddush lunch follows for all to enjoy.

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