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Dear JK Parents,

We had a great day of Chanukah activities! We made paper plate chanukkiahs, and I encourage you to have your children “light” their homemade Chanukah along with the real candles during the holiday. We also started to practice our Chanukah songs – we’ll be learning some more next week! We’ll also be learning how to play with a dreidel.

A couple of quick reminders about upcoming events. December 18, the last day of school before winter break, it’s pajama day! Please come in your warmest pajamas for some special Chanukah treats, including a concert! Also, on our first day back, we will be making a special craft for the story of Noah and the flood. If each family could please bring a cardboard paper towel tube (the toilet paper tubes are too small for what we’re doing), that would be a big help. You can start bringing them next week and I will hold them until we do the craft. 

Below is a quick peek at the kids enjoying some music – enjoy!

Thanks so much and Shavua Tov!




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