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Dear Parents,

This week we learned the Hebrew letter Tet, and our new Hebrew word is Tallit. We learned that a Tallit is worn when we pray. As you know, Chanukah is at the end of the month of December and during Chanukah we eat latkes, play with dreidels, and light the Chanukah candles. The students all recited the blessing over the Chanukah candles and learned that we put in the candles from right to left. They also learned about the story of Chanukah about Judah, the Maccabees, and Antiochus. The miracle of Chanukah was that the oil lasted for eight days and this is why we celebrate Chanukah for eight days. In addition, we made clay dreidels that you can hang on your window or anywhere else in your house.

Next week, will be our last Sunday class for the year. It is also pajama day so please send your children in their pajamas I will be in mine. We will have Shinshinim and our Chanukah party in the Philip Smith. I hope to see you all there next week.


Daniella Lebow

Grade 1 Teacher


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