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By Benjamin Maissner.

How many “dedications” of Chanukah do we celebrate?

Seven: Dedication of

  • Creation of Heaven and Earth (Genesis)
  • “Nesi’im“ The twelve Princes of Israel, the heads of each tribe, dedication of the (Mishkan) the tabernacle (Exodus)
  • Solomon’s First Temple (Chronicles)
  • “Olei Hagolah” (the returnees Babylonian Exile) Second Temple (Ezra)
  • Conclusion of building the wall around Jerusalem (Nehemiah)
  • “Chanukat Hakohanim” (Dedication of Priests) Chanukah we celebrate
  • “Chanukah” for the world to come

(Pesiktah Rabbati page 2)

For all these good reasons of seven occasions we celebrate dedications throughout our history, we give thanks at this season.

“AL HANISSIM” for the miracles and good fortune for our safe warm world we live in here in this country, Canada, we are grateful and celebrate these joyful days of Chanukah.

Midrash teaches us that the light in the world to come also contain these candles we light, and will be larger then the light of the moon, and larger than the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times brighter than the light of the seven days of the week.

Chag Sameach and enjoy the few musical clips we have attached to add to the joy of these days.

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