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shinshinim2016Can you believe it?

10 years of Shinshinim in the Toronto community and we, at Holy Blossom, have been enjoying and experiencing our Shinshinim for all of those 10 years! We are so fortunate to have been the only congregation in Toronto who can boast about our 10 year experience.

NOW, UJA wants to see our Shinshinim in action. Please read the details of the this special contest – you and our Shinshinim in action. A video, a photograph – your choice! This is a great opportunity to “hang out” and meet our amazing Shinshinim – Gil and Noga!

How it works: 

  1. Take pictures/videos showing how your ShinShinim are bringing Israel into Chanukah! 
  2. Send submissions to [email protected]
  3. Winner will be announced in January after winter break!

See the contest poster below with more details.

We can’t wait to see your incredible Chanukah celebrations!


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