YEC – Monday December 19

This week, our grade sevens spent some time debriefing our trip to the church last week. We talked about some of the differences between the church and our synagogue, including iconography and [...]

YEC – Sunday December 18

Dear Parents, Yesterday was a wonderful day – lots of laughs, singing, and fun!  It was great to see all of our students relaxed and casual in their PJ’S. Thanks to all who remembered! We’ll do [...]

D’var Israel – December 17 2016

Some of you may know and some of you might not, we are soon going back to Israel for two weeks to visit during winter break. This is our last Dvar Israel before the visit and because of that we [...]

YEC Grade 7 Monday December 13

Dear Parents: Grade 7 this week visited Our Lady of the Assumption, a Catholic Church on Bathurst Street just north of Holy Blossom Temple, which is now an ethnically Filipino church. The first [...]

YEC – Grade 6 Monday December 12

Shalom Everyone: Today in Hebrew class we learned the blessings that are chanted  after reading from the Torah. We also looked at the way the Torah is divided to portions and explained the [...]

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