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Dear Parents,

We had the pleasure of our parents joining us this week for our Hachnasat Orchim activity. Parents stayed for our prayer services, songs, and story. The story about Abraham and the visitors taught us to welcome our guests into our homes just like they did.  Then we made centerpieces for the Out of the Cold project and they all turned out amazing! I really want to thank all the parents for coming this week; it was so nice for all of you to join our class. It was wonderful to see you all making the centerpieces with your children.

If you could please remember to continue to bring Tzedakah each week, it would be greatly appreciated. It’s important that the students know their Hebrew names, as this is their Jewish identity.

Next week, we will continue to learn the Aleph-Bet and will learn the Hebrew letter Chet and our Hebrew word is Challah. We will be starting to learn about Chanukah and reading stories about lighting the candles, saying the blessing over the candles, eating latkes, and playing with dreidels.


Daniella Lebow

Grade 1 Teacher

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