In Grade 6


Today we started with the Torah blessing studies in the main sanctuary with the help of Rabbi Helfman.  The students had the opportunity to see the Torah as well to engage in a conversation with the Rabbi.  It is very important that you support us by reminding your child to practice the blessings at home.   I sent my students the Torah blessings as well as the chants.  Please save them on your children’s computer.

Cantor C & Sari:

This week, our grade 6 class had the opportunity to learn both about the sanctuary at Holy Blossom and The Holy Temple in Jerusalem. They compared both prayer spaces and discussed the benefits and drawbacks of both. They then designed their own idea of what an ideal prayer space would be for each of them.  Elements included with the space would look like, smell like, sounds like, and where it would be located.


Sari –  Hebrew:

Students went to the chapel with Rabbi Helfman and had a chance to see the Torah up close, in anticipation of their Bnei Mitzvot! They saw the different kinds of Torahs that Holy Blossom has and learned about how a Torah is made.


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