In Grade 6

Sari – Hebrew:

We continued with practicing the reading and chanting of Ashrei. Students were sent home with a photocopy of the prayer. They are encouraged to practice their assigned lines for next week’s class. We will wrap up Ashrei next week and start learning Birchot ha Torah, the blessings for before and after reading Torah. 

Sari – Core:

We started our class by deconstructing the term Beit Ha Mikdash, and discussed what places are most sacred/holy to us, and why, in order to prepare ourselves for an activity we will be doing next week. We then created venn diagrams to compare and contrast the difference between temple practice during the time of the First & Second Temples, and our practices at Holy Blossom Temple today.

Cantor C. – Core:

This week, our grade 6 students learned about what happened to the Children of Israel when they finally reach the land of Israel after wandering in the desert. We learned about the struggle for an autonomous society, and the impetus behind building The Holy Temple. We also discussed how the sacrifices performed in The Temple were eventually abolished and replaced with modern-day prayer.

Tali –

Shalom everyone

We read and chanted the first blessings of the Torah today. We learned that the Torah has five books that are divided to 54 portions. We start reading on Simchat Torah and also where we finish reading it every year. We noticed how many words are built on the root bless- praise and learned that we were chosen to get the Torah in order to spread it among all other nations.

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