In Grade 3

Dear Parents:

Today we continued to explore the important events in the Jewish Life Cycle. We learned about some of the ways that people get their English and Hebrew names and what some of our names mean.  We read a great story about family heirlooms that might get passed down through generations.

As we continue to learn about major life cycle events, I hope that students will come prepared to share some of their own experiences.  This week, students brought home a package that they should read through and complete the few questions at the end.  Remember to bring these packets back next class.  Soon, we will begin working on personal scrapbooks that we will use to record our names and significant moments in our Jewish Journeys.

In Grade 3 Hebrew class, we continued to work on reviewing letter, vowels and reading. Students should keep practicing once or twice a week on the computer with the Behrman House Website.



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