In Grade 5

Dear Parents:

On Sunday we interviewed each other to see what each prophet liked or disliked his role, how each one became a prophet, what made each one a good prophet etc.

It was a good way for us to learn more about the three prophets that we were introduced to last week; Samuel Ezekiel and Hosea. Next week we will write summaries about our prophets and also create ads, radio jingles or TV advertisement:  looking for prophets!

In Hebrew class, we started reading and working in our books on the second prayer of the Amidah Ge’voorot,  some of God’s powers.  We usually take turns reading lines and then the class repeats and it’s amazing how everyone wants to show off reading out loud helping them all learn more.

Please help your kids by asking them to read to you.

Enjoy the sunshine and have a great week.


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