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Dear Parents:

This week we learned the letter Vav and the Hebrew word Vered (rose). We discussed what a rose feels like, smooth and what colours they can be like red, blue, orange, and purple. The discussion ended with us singing the Aleph-Bet song, which we will continue to learn each week. The story that we learned this week was about Jacob, Rachel, and Leah. Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, but his uncle Laban betrayed Jacob and gave him Leah instead saying that the eldest daughter must be wed first. This is an important story in Judaism as during a Jewish wedding during the Bedeken ceremony the groom veils his bride to ensure he is marrying the right woman.

Next week, we will be learning a new Hebrew letter Zayin and the Hebrew word Zebra. In addition, we will be discussing Hachnasat Orchim, which is when we welcome guests into our homes. This theme that we are learning about Hachnast Orchim is linked to the out of the cold project in which people who cannot afford a meal and need shelter come to the synagogue.  On Sunday, November 27, 2016 we will be making centerpieces for Hachnast Orchim, this mitzvah and we are asking that parents join us in this process. This relates to our discussions each morning about bringing in Tzedakah and how important it is to help others in our community and help repair the world, Tikkun Olam.


– Daniella Lebow


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