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By the “Intergenerational” Soup Brigade!

Nothing beats spending a Saturday night standing around with a wine glass in hand, eating freshly prepared guacamole and learning how to ‘up’ my cooking game.  This past Saturday night, we learned from mother / daughter team Avra and Sarah Rosen how to make a delicious butternut squash soup with apples, garlic, onions, fresh lemon thyme and other bits of deliciousness all cut, roasted and simmered together.

While the soup was good, the intergenerational conversation as members of our community – from 20s and 30s up to ages undisclosed – came together to schmooze and spend time deepening their adult relationships.  It was fun to see our Cantorial Soloist, Lindi Rivers and her daughter Sophie working together to prepare their creation, along with regulars and some new faces to our community.

We are planning more events like this, and hope you’ll think about joining us!

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