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By Rabbi Michael Satz.

As fires rage in Northern Israel, the fire of hatred also rages within sectors of Israeli society. Our Reform congregation in the central town of Ra’anana was again hit with vandalism.

We pray for the people of Israel as they flee from and battle the fires, and we pray that the love that our Tradition teaches and our Reform Movement strives to model spreads over all of Israeli society.

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Death threats and Vandalism towards Reform Jews in Ra'anana


By Rabbi Nir Barkin.

Fire has overcome the land.

This morning, we woke up to fires of hatred that spread over Kehillat Ra’anan, the Reform congregation in Ra’anana. Villains vandalized the congregational building and left death threats, complete with knives. This afternoon, we learned that among the victims of the burst of fires across the country is our very own Kehillat Or Haddash in Haifa.

The IMPJ and DOMIM-aLike congregations, continue praying with and for our community members in Ra’anana and Haifa and all of the victims of the furious fires, that this evil doing shall cease from our midst.

Our God in heaven,
In whose hands rest the souls of all living beings
And the spirit of all flesh,
God who causes the wind to blow and the rain to fall.
Turn to us now for we are in great distress
The fire laps at our windows and smoke fills our homes and yards.
Hear our prayer and send blessing and peace on us.
May the clouds return to our Land and may the raging flames subside.

Reach out Your bountiful hand to our brothers and sisters
who have been uprooted from their fire-bound homes,
Return them speedily to their houses and families
And may they and we be worthy to make true the verse –
“Each one shall sit under their own vine and fig tree”.

Grant dew and rain as a blessing on all the land,
Quench the earth and may the entire world be satisfied with your bounty.
Fill our hands with Your blessings and with your abundant gifts,
Save and guard this year from all evil
And from any type of disaster and trouble,
And let it be a year of good hope and a peaceful ending.

May this be Your will, and let us say – Amen!

This prayer was written by our friends in Knesset HaRabanim – Masorti Movement

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