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  • img_20161029_131428President: Carly Baldachin
  • VP Programming: Amy Lester
  • VP Social Action: Avery Beutel
  • VP Membership: Max Mickelson
  • VP Communications: Georgia Blatt
  • VP Religious and Culture: Avishai Sol
  • General Board Members: Liam Vrooman, Ezra Kirsh, David Friedland
  • Song Leader: Harley Jonatan
  • Past President: Neil Jonatan

Hi! I’m Avery and I’m the Social Action VP for HABSTY. I’m super pumped for this year and I have tons of ideas. This is my second year on the board and I’m hoping for this year to be better than ever before! Make sure to follow HABSTY on Instagram @hbhabsty!

Hi, I’m Carly and I’m the President of HABSTY for the year 2016-2017. I am responsible for talking to other TYG’s, planning board meetings and overseeing all HABSTY activities. My goals for the year are to get HABSTY more involved with other TYG’s and to get more participants to come to our events. I am so excited for all of the activities planned and I cannot wait to share them all with you! HABSTY is always open for you to join, so I cannot wait to see you there!

My name is Max and I am the Membership VP for HABSTY. This is my first year on the board but that does not mean that I am not fully committed and dedicated to HABSTY. I attended Religious School at Holy Blossom from grades 1-10, and now I have begun a new chapter in my journey as a young Jew.

Hi, I am Amy, and I am the Programming VP of HABSTY. I am excited to create many fun and informative programs for HABSTY. I am hoping for new programs that relate to Jewish teens, and Israel advocacy. I’m looking forward to great events and programs for this year!

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