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Renewal construction updates (almost) as they happen, for the week of September 19, 2016.

The past two weeks have seen dramatic changes in both the outward and inside appearance of our construction site. If you’ve walked by on the north (Dewbourne) side of the property, you’ll know that the lower level (formerly the Philip Smith Foyer) is now completely open to the outside. Our excellent contractor, Pomerleau Inc., is using this north side as the primary route for the removal of debris and other materials, which greatly reduces the potential congestion that garbage vehicles and bins might have caused to our southern Ava Rd. parking lot.

We anticipate that the connecting “link” that once joined the Eisendrath Auditorium to the School Wing will be removed late this week. This is the first real evidence of the “walls tumbling down” kind of demolition. Shortly thereafter, perhaps even before Rosh Hashanah, the structural link where our Rabbis once had their offices will also be removed.

All of this work is being done to make way for our beautiful, light-filled central Atrium, Library, Café, Youth Lounge, Family Chapel and the rest of our Phase 1 spaces, all in a LEED Silver Certified, environmentally-friendly building.

As you know, these exciting changes are being accomplished as we continue to occupy our campus and operate the programs and services that people have come to love at Holy Blossom. With the High Holy Days just days away, we encourage everyone to take the opportunity to peer over, around or through the construction hoarding (we’ll be cutting some windows to make it easier) to see our progress.

Importantly, all construction activity will be on a short hiatus during the High Holy Days, and the site will be safe, secure and quiet. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur service locations and room assignments have now been finalized, and we’ve done our best to make direct access to the various worship venues easy to follow. Please click here to find out how to access all High Holy Day services.

As always, we thank you for your continued support. For all the latest photos of Renewal construction in progress, please click here.

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