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By Rabbi Yael Splansky.

Join me for a jam-packed, tough-stuff tour of what divides and what unites Israeli Jewry.  We call this a “Machloket Mission.”  A debate that is “for the sake of Heaven.”  Join the conversation, ask thoughtful questions, and really listen to the honest answers that emerge.  The Jewish future depends on it.

Jewish Unity is an essential mission of our time and Reform Jews have an important role to play in the conversation/debate.  This special group of travelers will explore what divides and what unites Israeli Jewry today.  Together we will consider what we can do to strengthen the bridge between Israel and the Diaspora.  And we might find that how we respectfully challenge one another, in turn, strengthens the diverse Toronto Jewish community we call home.

It would be a pleasure to travel to Israel with you and to hear your thoughts on the issues at hand.  I welcome your leadership in this unique itinerary. I invite you to join me and my rabbinic colleagues in this  worthy pursuit of K’lal Yisrael, honouring and strengthening the totality of the Jewish People.

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