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By Susan Cohen.

Our trip to Spain was intense – rich in learning and emotion. Sometimes, as we toured Seville, Cordoba, Girona, Toledo, Barcelona and Madrid, it felt like we were walking with ghosts. But the tour helped us understand more fully how the rich history of Sephardic communities was interrupted, brutalized, destroyed and scattered. I’m really glad we had the chance to hear from members of today’s community. They still feel fragile but are working hard to re-establish and continue Jewish life. We have to think about how to support them.

We were luck to have Beny and Hope leading us – Hope, thank you for all your organizational details (great dinners and GPS routes!) and Beny, not only was your singing wonderful (as well as your stand-up comedy in the bus!), but you led us into the real meaning of the trip.

Pictures below…  enjoy!

Dear friends of the CA Mission to Spain 2016 trip.

Thank you so much Hope and Beny for your leadership and guidance, for your care and friendship, for always being our go to persons. You are both seasoned travellers and that made our trip so much more comfortable and secure.

Thank you for making me feel welcome, comfortable and acceptable within the HBT family group.

To all the my new friends of HBT and the  Zimmermann’s

It was a real pleasure meeting all of you. Traveling through Spain and Portugal together was so educational, because of all of you own personal feedback. Each and everyone of you added so much more to our journey and I appreciate your inputs and you friendships.

To my dear friend Rouhama, thanks for adding Spain and Portugal to my list of travels .

Thanks for sharing this experience with me.

It was a marvellous experience which I will treasure forever.

Toda Raba, to you all.

You  enhanced  so much to my journey.

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  • Ruth Ellen and Sheldon Greenwood

    Dear Hope and Beny,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for our amazing and wonderful travels in Spain. From the first Shacharit service to the last Mincha service, from the first presentation by Professor Eliezer Papo to the last lecture by Professor Stephen Berk, from the opening sing along concert to the Morrocan Maariv service to the closing flamenco performance, and from the first sangria to the last ice cream and everything in between, it was a truly memorable experience. We learned a lot, we sang a lot, and we shared a lot. Thank you for organizing everything and looking after all of us. We know so much more about the Jews of Spain and their sad history. I will never forget this fantastic experience!
    Yasher Koach and todah rabah!
    Ruth Ellen

  • Sandi Schafer

    Andy and I were privileged to have been part of this trip. Beny and Hope are wonderful leaders and the many activities we took part in such as touring, cantorial concerts (including a memorable Avinu Shebashamayim featuring Beny Maissner) and listening to well-informed speakers were a great eye opener to the sad history of the Sephardim in Spain. The Cantor’s ‘ Assembly mandate is to support Jewish culture and education in places such as this and uplift them financially and morally. We enjoyed our group from Holy Blossom very much.
    Sandi Schafer

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