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In January 2012, I posted “Why Obama Wins This November” (referring of course to the US presidential election then unfolding). The blog showed a brief video of Barack Obama, oozing charm, channeling the crooner Al Green – the “Rev” himself – while at a Harlem fundraiser that month. (Watch here).

I didn’t say much – no need to as it was clear that the Democrats, led by the casually hip president, were in cultural sync with an emerging American majority.

Well, likewise, and double-down at the least, with regard to another video from this past week. It too tells much about an increasingly hip culture in which media, politics, and cultural savoir-faire mix naturally. For any leader, political or otherwise, with sufficient cool to pull it off – wow. Those who can do so have awfully good chances of winning the day – to say nothing of the hearts of the people. That said, it has to be authentic.

I’m not only offering an observation about politics and this cultural moment – that’s evident enough. Rather, I’m posting this because I like it. A lot.

I plead guilty to being charmed!

Forget for the moment some deep disagreements with President Obama. After being inundated this past year by an out-of-the-blue bombastic presidential candidate, and being bored for a couple of decades plus now by the overly scripted presence of another one – I found this refreshing. (Watch here and see if you agree).

Such charm and cultural chic hardly determines my vote. Neither, though, am I willing to dismiss it entirely.

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