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Yoni Goldstein, CJN Editor, writes:

In his new book, Evolution of an Unorthodox Rabbi, Canadian rabbi John Moscowitz, who Senator Linda Frum once referred to as “one of Toronto’s most cherished and effective rabbis,” charts the shifts in his views over the years on issues that matter to the Jewish community. The following is an excerpt from the book, entitled, “What do I believe happened at Sinai?”

Permit me to begin autobiographically as the link between autobiography and theology, between the personal and the philosophical, is undeniable. I didn’t much think about God growing up and into my twenties. I didn’t believe and I didn’t not believe. But something was stirring, so off to Hebrew Union College I went at age twenty-four. Not to be a rabbi, or so I told myself, but certainly enthusiastic to drink at the intellectual wells of a venerable religious tradition. What would come later, I hadn’t a clue.

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